As a translation company, we always approach each project individually and do our best to meet the client’s particular requirements and expectations.

At Abitscanada, we promise to:

  • Assign the most appropriate translation translator to your project
  • Only employ translators who combine technical expertise with proven linguistic ability
  • Develop client-specific glossaries to ensure consistency and quick response
  • Request feedback from clients on all aspects of our work
We are always available to assist you no matter how long ago we completed your project or to respond to inquiries for any additional services.


All texts go through three levels of proof-reading to eliminate errors of omission and grammatical, punctuation as well as spelling mistakes.


When your target audience reads your translated text, they should feel that it was written expressly for them, using a language that reflects their language the way they use it. Abitscanada employs native speakers that know how to express ideas correctly using illustrative examples, sentence constructions and expressions that the reader will identify with.